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My Services
Every EFT private session is as unique as you are and is tailored to what is needed to help you live with more ease and contentment. All sessions are based on Emotional Freedom Technique and can incorporate hypnotherapy and meditation as part of the holistic service offered.

Single Session


(Individual sessions)

75 minutes

Home Visits


​75 minutes.
Home visits may be considered on a case to case individual basis.

Children EFT


(Individual sessions)

45 minutes

Package Offer

     Pre-paid discount

      6 sessions £240

    or 4 sessions £160

     (£40 per session)

          75 minutes

"Janice is a very caring and  conscientious practitioner who always endeavours to do the very best for her clients. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping others."

Linda Orrett

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