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My Story 

While supporting my clients, I utilize the knowledge and tools from many modalities, but my own personal experience of overcoming challenges, childhood trauma, toxic relationships, low self-esteem, lack of healthy boundaries, anxiety and the bereavement. 
The healing process is not really about learning new things. In fact, it is about un-learning the painful stories about ourselves, others and the world we believed in each time Love went missing, especially in the early childhood. 
Once our hearts and minds are cleared from these subconscious limiting beliefs, we become to realize, that we did not come to this world to suffer, but to discover our true potential, to cherish and express our beautiful nature, and to reach a state where peace, joy and love become are our day-to-day reality. This is when we find ourselves back home again. 
The decision to ask for help can be a difficult one, but it is the first step in coming back home to yourself. Healing process itself is in fact simple, but it not easy. Luckily, you do not have to do this alone. 
Whatever has brought you here, I believe that together we will find what you are looking for. 
Wherever you are, I will meet you there, hold a safe space of unconditional acceptance and support you every step of the way in your gentle healing journey to discover who you truly are. 

With love, 

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How EFT Works

In Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), we bring into awareness a particular issue as we tap on various acupressure points in the body. Numerous studies support EFT practitioners' experience of finding relief and release from distressing emotions through the positive psychological effect of meeting and accepting our experience as we tap on the end points of specific meridians (subtle energy channels in the body). 

EFT is body-based approach in that we work with our physical and energetic aspects to find more ease in the mind. Whilst talking is part of the session, it is through meeting difficult sensation and tapping on specific points that we transform a mind that is stuck and circling with negative thoughts. Through meeting, accepting, and tapping on emotional difficulty, we create a clearing for true Emotional Freedom.

EFT can help with:

  • addiction

  • depression

  • bereavement

  • fears and phobias

  • stress

  • pain management

  • anxiety

  • panic attacks

  • trauma

  • anger management

  • weight loss

  • insomnia

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